Join the Lab

First, thank you for your interest in the Smart Move Lab! 

Outstanding and responsible students are provided opportunities as research assistants and PhD students interns in several projects sponsored by different entities allowing them to gain experience in a wide variety of intelligent transportation areas.

The Lab is always looking for new students. Please read this page carefully if you are interested in working with us:

Undergraduate Students:

Please email with your resume, unofficial transcript, and one or two sentences about your interests and availability, or chat with one of our current students if you know any. We generally add students at the beginning of the semester, but some positions may be open at any time.

Prospective Ph.D. Students must have:

  1. Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Design Engineering or Mathematics.
  2. Knowledge of software engineering and languages ​​and systems such as: C / C ++ / Python, Linux, tools open source (ROS), etc.
  3. Languages: English.

Ph.D. candidates may email directly to inquire about upcoming opportunities with your resume, unofficial transcript, and statement of purposes. Selected publications indicating your previous research experience are welcomed.


Theses Topics