The overall mission is to advance transport through innovative technologies, harnessing the power of informatics and robotics to radically advance the future of the industry. The lab was founded with two main objectives: to develop tools that improve transportation systems of all kinds, and to train the next generation of professionals in this direction.

In cooperation with a worldwide network of industrial and scientific partners, the developed solutions can be evaluated in a continuous chain reaching from the application concept simulation in lab trials to in the field testing in no time.

For example in the context of the “Ro-Boat Races”,  sea trials under realistic conditions guarantee an application-related real world assessment. This unique combination of laboratory infrastructure and realistic missions to examine and evaluate technology readiness enables the development of robust and reliable systems.

Though its unique location at the heart of the maritime industry, the lab is in close collaboration with various small & large industrial stakeholders located in Greece. The lab brings together  startups, scaleups, as well as mature organizations from  across the maritime industry fostering new partnerships and involvement in projects built on collaboration between industry and  research institutions. 

The aim is to support training and skills retraining of professionals ensuring future skills development, knowledge and technological leadership for maritime stakeholders.

Collectively, we host the most impactful scientists in the domain not only measured in the number of published papers and citations to their work but also by the number of patents citing them. Citations from patent documents to scientific publications can be understood as a proxy for measuring the knowledge flows from the field of science to industry and the only true way to quantify scientific impact on industry. Patents have been filled citing their work from IBM, Google, Atlasian, AT&T, Signal Ocean, Cisco, MaeroSpace, Maritech, and others.