The overall mission is to advance transport through innovative technologies, harnessing the power of informatics and robotics to radically advance the future of the industry. The lab was founded with two main objectives: to develop tools that improve transportation systems of all kinds, and to train the next generation of professionals in this direction.

In cooperation with a worldwide network of industrial and scientific partners, the developed solutions can be evaluated in a continuous chain reaching from the application concept simulation in lab trials to in the field testing in no time.

For example in the context of the “Ro-Boat Races”,  sea trials under realistic conditions guarantee an application-related real world assessment. This unique combination of laboratory infrastructure and realistic missions to examine and evaluate technology readiness enables the development of robust and reliable systems.

Research Projects

Members of the SMART MOVE lab have participated in several EU funded projects such as: VesselAI, BigDataOcean, RELAR, SELIS and many more. 

Currently active projects of the lab may be found below: 


Below are listed some of the most significant research publications of the Laboratory from the previous year. The articles cover topics from the entire portfolio of research programs.

Word cloud obtained from the titles of our publications